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Agence Régine Villedieu Immobilier
a five star service for every client

All of our clients benefit from personalised contact and together we will prepare precise property search criteria to ensure that you have the greatest chance of finding your dream property:
  • Number of bedrooms, with or without land, size of living room, fitted or free-standing kitchen, with or without a terrace, swimming pool, tennis court, garage, parking space. We will ask all the right questions...

We are at your service for:
  • Choice of properties
  • Personalised advice
  • Price negotiation on chosen property
  • Assistance throughout the buying process to bill of sale
To make your trip to our region as stress-free as possible, Agence Immobilière Régine Villedieu will collect you from Cherbourg Maupertus airport or Cherbourg railway station, if required.

Feel free to ask us about hotels and restaurants. We would be delighted to recommend the best places to go. See our partners.

To ensure a comprehensive service to our clients, the agency uses both its internal and external expertise via our extensive network of experts and partner companies from different property related professions:
  • Accountants, notaires, wealth management consultants, lawyers, bankers, business bankers, insurance brokers, insurers, surveyors, architects, designers, interior designers, specialists in contemporary furniture and design objects, modern art galleries, artists, photographers, specialists in wellbeing, removal companies, etc.
We offer a range of services, including seeking estimates from companies, supervision of construction work, booking meetings with local authorities, assistance with removals (on request), opening accounts with electricity and water companies, contacting the postal service, etc. Take a look at our selection of properties for sale while you’re waiting.

Agence Régine Villedieu Immobilier has been offering a property rental and management service since 2010. If you want to rent your property or need a management service, look no further! Agence Régine Villedieu Immobilier Location rents and manages property in the Cherbourg area and all over France. See more information in our ‘Management’ section.

Régine Villedieu Immobilier Location offers you flats and houses to rent. Find the ideal property for your needs the trouble-free way in our wide choice of listings and make the most of our services. See our selection of rental properties.

Propriétaires :
Your home is unique and that’s why Agence Régine Villedieu Immobilier will use every available means to sell it.

If you would like to know how much your property is worth, we are expert property valuers, so call us now to arrange a meeting. Nine out of ten properties are sold within our estimated price range. See the ‘Valuation’ section.

We accept properties for sale within a 40 km radius of Cherbourg, including luxury houses and villas, chateaus, manor houses all over Normandy as well as flats and mansions in central Paris and Neuilly sur Seine.

We use the most popular property sales websites to list our properties and advertise luxury properties in specialist magazines such as Belles Demeures, Lux Résidence, Propriétés de France and Demeures et Châteaux.

As you will see, the social networking sites hold no secrets for us. When selling a property it is essential to publicise the details and most importantly to publicise it on the platforms that your buyers use. We can assure you that it will appear on one of the major social networks because the Régine Villedieu Cherbourg estate agency has had its own mobile app for smartphones and iPads since 2012. See ‘Application’ page.

Making your property look its best
To ensure that your property looks its best, we will conduct a proper photo shoot. We use a professional camera to bring out the best in your home. The lens that we use is designed especially for property photography and reproduces room sizes precisely. We are one of the first agencies in France to use semi aerial photography.

Our agency is regularly interviewed by specialist websites and magazines, such as Logic Immo, Demeures et Châteaux (part of Le Figaro magazine), La Presse de la Manche, La Manche Libre, Radio Tendance Ouest. The agency has a growing reputation and works constantly to find more contacts for you.
The human approach and quality of service that we provide in supporting our clients’ property projects explains why we often maintain our privileged relationship with our clients long after the signing of the deeds at the notaire.

Because of this level of trust, our clients are happy to recommend us to their colleagues, friends and family.

We are at your service to:
  • Value properties for sale.
  • Advise on the sales process.
  • Enhance your property via professional photography.
  • Select buyers.
  • Complete the transaction.
  • Promote the property (via shop window, specialist press, internet, etc.).
We already have over 1,600 clients like you who have entrusted the sale of their property to us. Thank you all.

If you have found a buyer and want to secure the transaction by signing a ‘compromis de vente’ (preliminary sale agreement) as soon as possible after their viewing, you can count on us. We will arrange for an express compromis to be drawn up, even if we are not involved in the negotiation, and request all necessary documents on any day of the week.