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Documents required in case of sale

The seller must provide the following documents:
  • All mandatory diagnostics in force at the time of sale
  • Book maintenance building (apartments )
  • Rules of ownership ( and any amendments thereto ) ( apartments).
  • Title to complete
  • Copy of the National Identity Card sellers
  • Specification Subdivision appropriate
  • Property tax
  • Local rates
  • Invoice consumption of electricity, gas, heating ,
  • Certificate of chimney sweeping or maintenance of boiler
  • Certificate of urbanism or any copy of the application ( Land )
  • Plan boundary ( Land )
  • permission,
  • Declaration of completion
  • Certificate of Compliance.

If the home has less than 10 years:
  • Attestation subscription font work damage with precise references to insurance and proof of payment of the premium or premiums .

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I do not wish you good burglary ...

The warm weather arrives as they say. The summer holidays arrive. I do not want to scare you but individuals unsavory rodent can around you ...

Smashed door , open drawers, overturned furniture ... This typical interior scene of a burglary can happen in any type of property anywhere . But thieves do not choose housing at random. They carefully assess the objectives and risks, sometimes several times before acting.

Here are some statistics about the theft .

According to the Statistics thieves borrow the following access into the interior of a house :

Entrance - 34%
Window on the ground floor - 23%
Back door - 22 %
Garage - 9%
Doors or windows left open - 6 %
Cave - 4%
Doors or windows on the floor - 2%

How to protect your home from thieves

Some precautions are needed to reduce the risk of burglary. Security systems, mutual surveillance or home exchange, stroll effective measures and other small gestures with peace of mind .

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