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Valuing your property in Cherbourg and the Cotentin
at the right price

All properties will sell...if the price is right. A property at the right price sells and sells quickly!

Do not confuse price and value!

The price is the amount you have invested to purchase your property and for all the improvements that you’ve no doubt had to carry out (kitchen, bathroom, decoration, conforming with current standards, etc). However, what we are seeking here is often very different and that’s the value. The value is the sum of money that your future client is prepared to invest for the service that your property will provide for them. To find this value, you therefore require a valuation.

A precise and objective valuation of a property is one of the essential and the most important steps in any property transaction, whether selling or renting, because no two properties are alike.

A valuation is arrived at by considering several parameters: the location of the property, its outlook, how sunny it is, the size of its rooms, its layout, its general condition and its strong and weak points (terrace, balcony, parking, lift, swimming pool, etc.).

If you would like a personalised valuation of your property, contact us now to arrange a meeting. We are experts in property valuation. Contact us.

Our team is able to carry out a rapid and accurate valuation of your property, whether it is a flat, house, building, country house, coastal house, townhouse, warehouse conversion, parking space, garage, land, villa, manor house, farm, chateau or a mansion.

We develop a relationship of trust with our French and international clientele, guaranteeing confidentiality of all valuations and transactions.

Nine out of ten properties are sold within the range of our valuations. However, the property market is constantly changing and can fluctuate rapidly which is why valuations have a shelf-life!

Sellers always have the option to choose the sale price of their property, but if they decide on a price above the valuation, they are reducing their chances of a sale within the average time frame in France which is 90 days.

To get an idea of the sale price of your property, you can use the online valuation module below thanks to our partnership with the ‘Institut international d’estimation’. These prices are just a guide and can vary greatly depending on the quality of your property. To get an accurate valuation, feel free to contact us!

Valuations available throughout the Cotentin and Paris!

Estate agents and notaires will provide free valuations on request. This is an easy way for them to get new properties on their books.
You need to be careful though because some ‘professionals’ will inflate the valuation of your property to get you to sign a mandate with them rather than with a competitor.

You also need to know that some negotiators are paid for each property added to an agency’s books or may be on a monthly quota system!

The success of your sale depends on the valuation.

This practice does not exist with Régine Villedieu Immobilier

The price:
  • The price must be in line with the market, which is why we offer free valuations.
  • For successful marketing it is essential to respect the price...
  • An over-priced property will not sell...even to foreigners!
  • A property that has been on the market for a long time and is listed everywhere, sows the seeds of doubt in a buyer’s mind.
  • If you are moving because you have found somewhere better you cannot just break even on your sale...
  • A property at the right price will sell in less than 90 days!