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Zooming an artist ..

Diane Rauscher - KENNEDY , born in England to an American father and a British mother, but I proudly claims the French nationality , and as different as famous places , had a completely atypical childhood in the middle of a family who lived a legend so crazy . Wife, mother and homemaker for more than 40 years she sees her life changed at 60 and 24 hours flat ! She became an artist and specialist catastrophic incidents most unimaginable ... Especially with a stripper and sassy sarcasm, she tells in his memoirs of his childhood fairy tale and incredible tribulations which she coped with humor and irony .

Diane Rauscher -Kennedy was a childhood fairy tale delusional : dynamic young girl from an aristocratic milieu , she grew up surrounded by many friends and leads an exciting and fulfilling life in a thousand little things that make his wonderful world. And then one day, everything changes ! His world collapses and she must face the reality of his new life. A new life difficult but allows him to realize that she gained so much losing all ...

Arrived in France at the age of 17 years. I studied but I never practiced my profession preferring to give all my time to the education of my children.

This period of my sweet and very happy life is suddenly darkened .

Resigned to live alone as a partner with a very debilitating orphan disease serving especially in the hands I try every day to " tame the beast ".

I got to paint by chance. I had never touched a paintbrush in my life before my son gives me the challenge him to paint a canvas. This moment was for me a revelation that has transformed my life. I discovered talents that were completely unknown to me . An easel before I take over the disease torturing my fingers , forcing gradually recover an amplitude that was their fault. This is the painting that helps me keep their heads above water.

Feeling unattractive to figurative painting , I deliberately contemporary abstract painting. I love working the red, orange and black and I prefer acrylic paint rather than oil because it dries quickly and I did not feel the need to return to a table. My creations ripen first in my head sometimes for several weeks, but I usually just need one day to realize the fruit of my inspiration.

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