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9 astuces pour bien vendre!

Quelques astuces pour que votre futur acquéreur aie le coup de cœur pour votre bien….

Le rangement :
Une maison ou un appartement bien rangé et propre donnera plus envie à notre futur acquéreur d’y habiter. Le grand nettoyage de printemps s’impose ! Attention à ne pas négliger l’olfactif ! Un propriétaire réduit à zéro ses chances de vendre si son bien sent la cuisine, le tabac ou le chat par exemple.

Déco :
Il faut dépersonnaliser ! En immobilier tout ce qui peut paraitre comme un avantage peut se retourner contre le vendeur… Supprimez vos photos, trophées sportifs, diplômes. Le visiteur doit pouvoir se projeter dans le bien.

Réparer :
L’acte d’achat est dans une majorité de cas un acte angoissant. Il faut absolument rassurer votre visiteur. Une ampoule grillée peut par exemple faire penser au visiteur que le bien a des problèmes d’électricité. Un robinet qui fuit, une porte qui ferme mal … doivent être réparés pour rassurer l’acheteur.

Le chauffage :
Un peu de chauffage pour que l’on se sente bien. Que l’on ait pas envie de retourner au chaud dans la voiture…

La peinture :
Lessiver les murs, passer une petite couche de peinture ou repeindre en blanc… Souvent des petits frais peuvent permettre de vendre une maison plus vite. Cela peut aussi permettre aux acquéreurs de moins négocier le prix!
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Documents required in case of sale

The seller must provide the following documents:
  • All mandatory diagnostics in force at the time of sale
  • Book maintenance building (apartments )
  • Rules of ownership ( and any amendments thereto ) ( apartments).
  • Title to complete
  • Copy of the National Identity Card sellers
  • Specification Subdivision appropriate
  • Property tax
  • Local rates
  • Invoice consumption of electricity, gas, heating ,
  • Certificate of chimney sweeping or maintenance of boiler
  • Certificate of urbanism or any copy of the application ( Land )
  • Plan boundary ( Land )
  • permission,
  • Declaration of completion
  • Certificate of Compliance.

If the home has less than 10 years:
  • Attestation subscription font work damage with precise references to insurance and proof of payment of the premium or premiums .

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The "new" real estate scams ...

Today real estate scams are becoming more numerous. And they always start the same way ... They will contact you by email, on classifieds sites ( , leboncoin , pap, Vivastreet , etc. )

The first scam is certainly not the most common but it is no less formidable . They contact you through a listings site to visit your property . So far everything is normal, but when they get to visit several . You visit them but there is always one who hangs or asks to revisit one to talk about the house after the ride with you ... And this is where they took the opportunity to rob you discreetly small valuables ... When you remember, it is usually too late and the identity provided is always false ! This practice is less common with a real estate agent that identifies abnormal behavior quickly and when he was powerless , he has insurance .

The second is the technique used by African scammers . They send a message with the following characteristics:

They indicate there want to buy the house or property as an investment , without even visiting ! They are willing to pay 10 % of its price and sometimes even all ! They ask you to send them your coordonnéesbancaires or your lawyer ... The contact is in Africa (mostly in Côte d'Ivoire , which has become the hub of this type of scam ), but now more and more Europe ( as potential victims begin to distrust ) and it is a mobile number ... Often , the style of their message is "strange" with an approximate spelling.

The third is a scam rental housing . The crafty posting fake ads on the Web and require tenants deposit via cash mandate before even arrange a visit (usually around 500 euros) . In cities where the offers of apartments to rent are rare or depart quickly , victims can not be counted ...
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