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Cherbourg-Octeville : New city for 2016…

For years, some in dreams, others do not want to hear about : A big city of Cherbourg ! Today the subject is more topical than ever , we see more and more about social media , TF1 log, and elected in place we are talking about!

So what exactly is this project? The project is to bring together the five municipalities in one! His name yet it's new city for some joint news for others, but actually all this is that the project name as the name of the future new city and its inhabitants is not yet decided ! The choice will be made in consultation with the elected officials of the city.

Why this project? Today in our Normandy reunited major cities are organized , Rouen had over 400,000 inhabitants has joined its neighbors and form a metropolis of 71 municipalities , Saint Lo already includes 73 communes to almost double population Cherbourg today! Here are some numbers :

- Rouen: 71 municipalities for 500 000 inhabitants.
- Le Havre: 17 towns 241 000.
- Caen la Mer: 35 communes and 236 000 inhabitants .
- Saint Lo : 73 municipalities for 70,000 inhabitants
- Cherbourg : today 39 772 inhabitants .
- Cherbourg : 5 towns in 2016 to 82,000 inhabitants .

All cities are organizing to have more visibility . The aim is to adapt Read more


The turbines will boost the port

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The turbines should create three times more than the local offshore wind jobs: 500 direct jobs and 2000 for subcontracting .

Since the launch of the first call for proposals by the state, offshore wind turbines have the wind in their sails. At Caen, on Wednesday as part of the symposium " Marine Renewable Energy and You? "Organized by IRD2 (Regional Institute for Sustainable Development ) , Nicolas Serrie , Director at Alstom offshore wind development , confirmed the commitment of the consortium in the Cotentin . "Our first factory will be opened in Saint- Nazaire in 2015 , those of Cherbourg in 2015. " Locally, the numbers five hundred and two thousand direct jobs to outsourcing , are advanced .

hen with the golden eggs Cherbourg

For this confirmation , Laurent Beauvais , President of the Region, adds commitment hundred million euros with local authorities . Lengthening the wharf Flemings is the first step in making port level . "We will also undertake work of filling the eastern part of the great road to win 35 hectares in extension of existing embankments ," says Jean -Pierre Laflaquière , Spl Director General ( Local Public Company) that are created region , department of Manche and Cuc .

This extension is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of turbines . These underwater turbines could become the goose that lays golden eggs Cherbourg . DCNS has already clearly positioned and GDF Suez announced its intention not to miss the appointment. " We expect three operators and manufacturers ," says Jean -Pierre Laflaquière . A study on the training needs of future employees is underway. The results will be available in the fall .

1,500 direct jobs

Read more


Prices fell to Cherbourg

Pierre Villedieu , agency Villedieu Régine Estate, reveals the keys to apprehend the Cherbourg market . : In what state is the market today ?

Pierre Villedieu : It is slowly recovering from two difficult years . Of course we felt the effects of the crisis with price cuts of 20% on average , but not all types of property. The pavilions typical basement 70s and have suffered greatly, while more upmarket goods have necessarily been spared . : What are the prices of high-end products in the English Channel ?

Pierre Villedieu : It is not uncommon for beautiful properties as mansions or small castles situated near Cherbourg , or contemporary homes located in the city, leaving around 500,000 or 600 000 and beyond . : And the more traditional goods ?

Pierre Villedieu : It is always difficult to establish averages given the inherent differences in the location or display of goods . However, it is possible to find a house of 110 or 120 square meters in the district of Bucaille , close to the city center, for 220,000 euros. For T3 , it takes around 180,000 euros. : On what trend do you see 2010 ?

Pierre Villedieu : It is too early to say anything but we are seeing a stabilization of the price of a share and a recovery in the volume of transactions on the other. It should be noted that the market has changed. Only vendors who are willing to lower their prices unable to sell at the moment . Read more

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