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Management of your rental properties in Cherbourg and the Cotentin
Régine Villedieu Immobilier

Property owners, you cannot leave the many tasks linked to your property to chance - from the simplest search for a tenant, day to day management of the tenancy or management of co-ownership property.

Régine Villedieu Immobilier is a property administrator offering its savoir-faire to clients and freeing them of the constraints linked to day to day management of buy-to-let properties or of a main residence.

If you have the time to spend on your investment, you can manage your property yourself. If you donít, you need a knowledgeable professional whom you can rely on.

  • Do you own a property but you are not earning anything from it? Why not rent it out? Agence Régine Villedieu Immobilier is here to support you in: your search for a reliable, solvent tenant, the drafting and signature of leases and the preparation of inventories of fixtures. The search for a tenant has never been so simple!

  • With management services both in the Cotentin and throughout France, we are here to take complete charge of the management of your property, whether private or business. Transparent and reliable property management services.

Thanks to our partners throughout France, we can provide you with trouble-free property management.

  • The search for reliable and solvent tenants, drafting and signing of leases, preparation of inventories of fixtures, rent collection, payment of co-ownership charges, annual rent rises, monitoring day to day maintenance of the property, carrying out tax declarations of rental income, guarantees against unpaid rent and vacant properties. The laws relating to renting and managing property are many and constantly changing, but we can take care of all those tasks, from the technical and administrative to the financial and legal for which lessors are responsible under current legislation.
  • A transparent service thatís permanently available: our online interface allows you to monitor your management accounts updated in real time in your personal space.

Our management pack that includes rent guarantee insurance means your investment is safe with us. It includes a management contract, a rent guarantee and legal protection insurance policy with the following cover:

Rent guarantee insurance
  • Insures you against non-payment of rent by your tenant.

Malicious and accidental damage to rented property
  • Guarantees payment for damage to property caused by your tenant and noted upon their departure during the final inventory of fixtures.

Legal protection
  • Refunds your legal costs in the event of problems with your tenant.
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Details of our services

Search for and establishment of tenant:
  • Listings on most popular websites
  • List of documents required for compilation of tenancy file
  • Assessment and approval of applications by our services
  • Drafting agreement in relation to security deposit and registration
  • Drafting of lease
  • Drafting of entry inventory of fixtures
  • Drafting of document for CAF tenants
  • Assistance with Locapass applications
  • Drafting of inventory of natural and technological risks
  • Arrangement of compulsory property surveys
  • Compilation of GLI insurance file
Day by day:
  • Drafting of rental payment authorisations
  • Issuing of rent demands
  • Monthly bank deposit and transfer of rents
  • Receipts for payment of rent
  • Reminders for unpaid rent. 1° simple reminder
  • Reminders for unpaid rent. 2° reminder by recorded delivery letter
  • Reminders for unpaid rent. 3° final demand
  • Monitoring of unpaid cases
  • Reminders for boiler insurance and maintenance certificates
  • Arrangement and problem solving in relation to water supply
  • Arrangement and problem solving in relation to household waste collection tax
  • Annual rent rise
  • Monthly management statements by email
  • Summary for tax declaration of rental income
  • Payment of bills, local property taxes
  • Pay slips for cleaning staff
  • Submission of cases to a huissier (bailiff)
  • Insurance declarations in the event of claims
  • Obtaining estimates for repairs/construction
  • Personalised advice and monitoring by your dedicated Rental Manager
  • Internet account (access for owner and tenant) 24/7
End of tenancy:
  • Management and checking of letter of notice
  • Drafting of final inventory of fixtures
  • Informing the relevant authorities of a tenantís departure
Cancellation of direct debit:
  • Fee for cancellation of direct debit: 0 Ä
  • Co-ownership property management company
  • Co-ownership property management company manages buildings on behalf of its co-owners who have employed them to do so.
Amongst other things, the management company enacts decisions taken at the annual general meeting, establishes and maintains the list of co-owners, keeps the maintenance programme up to date, enforces the rules of the co-ownership.

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